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Direct simple shear test - DSS. Soil testing for the investigation of stress-strain-strength relationships for horizontal loading situations. • monotonic and cyclic . Direct Simple Shear Apparatus For Test Standards ASTM D2435, ASTM D6528, AASHTO T 216. PDF The paper describes a direct simple shear device that enables undrained tests with pore pressure measurements to be run. The results of . D6528-17 Standard Test Method for Consolidated Undrained Direct Simple Shear Testing of Fine Grain Soils stress-strain curve~ consolidation test~ constant . If something is direct, it is straight and as short as possible with nothing extra in between. It's a direct flight from Tokyo to Toronto with no stop in Vancouver. The Paper describes a chamber for the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute's direct simple shear device that enables undrained tests with pore . Advanced fully automatic simple-shear apparatus with two high quality servomotor drives for static, cyclic and dynamic shear loads up to 10 kN. William Webster (of the Salters' Company.) s simple Interest direct at 7.


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